friendship bracelets

It is a good first skill in crochet to be able to chain stitch, and here is a nice simple first project to help use up your chains – friendship bracelets. You can make them in all colours for all your friends. It’s nice to spread some woolly love.

They are very easy if you can chain stitch, but another good stitch to try is slip stitch (slst) which is a neat way to join the ends of your chains to make foundation rings for projects worked in the round (more on that soon)

How to slip stitch:

chain stitch bracelet 2chain stitch bracelet 3

To form a slip stitch (slst) you must insert your hook into the chain stitch (ch) that you want to work into  – in the case of making your chain into a ring you will insert your hook into the first stitch of your chain [1] (nb – not the slip knot though – that will be difficult) You will now have two loops on your hook [2].

chain stitch bracelet 4chain stitch bracelet 5

Next simply wrap your yarn over your hook [3] and pull this through both loops [4] And that’s your slip stitch.

Now you have this little skill, here is how to make some bracelets – also known as the easiest crochet pattern ever written:

y o u  w i l l  n e e d :

  • Wool (for my bracelets I have used DK weight yarn (mine is my favourite for crochet – sirdar baby snuggly – it is soft and smooth and comes in lots of really good colours))
  • a crochet hook (with DK I like a 3.5mm hook)

a b b r e v i a t i o n s :

ch   =  chain stitch

slst =  slip stitch

i n s t r u c t i o n s :

chain stitch bracelet 1chain stitch bracelet 7

slip knot and then ch 45 (or ch 85 for a double bracelet like my pink one pictured) (or you may need to adjust if you want slightly bigger or smaller br

slst into the first ch

break yarn and pull through to finish. 

chain stitch bracelet 8chain stitch bracelets

Tie your tails together to help secure your bracelet. Tie little knots in the tails about 2cm down and then snip the ends

And that’s that.

Please let me know if you are learning to crochet and how you are getting on.