Double Crochet (US Single)

My favourite things to crochet are little friendly birds and creatures and this is called amigurumi – the japanese for cute stitched friends.

The best stitch for this sort of crochet is the double crochet stitch which is nice and dense and has a simple look. It is also known as a single crochet in american terminology (what, why? I don’t know at all – but my tip of the day is always make sure you know which terminology your pattern uses as that could make a big difference!)

This is a very sweet stitch to know about – like a little pip – so would you like to know how?

double crochet 1double crochet 2

In this case I am working in rows, so have created a foundation chain [1]. I want my swatch to be 16 stitches wide, so I have made a chain of 17 (16+1) – you always want to add an extra stitch for a row of double crochets (but more on this another time) After making your foundation chain, miss the last chain stitch and insert your hook into the second to last stitch you made [2]

double crochet 3double crochet 4double crochet 5double crochet 6

After inserting your hook you will have two loops on your hook [3] Wrap your yarn over (YO) and pull back through the first loop [4 – 5]. Then wrap again [6] …

double crochet 7double crochet 11

…and pull through both loops on your hook [7-8]

Repeat these steps into each of your chain stitches – insert hook, yarn over, pull through first loop, yarn over, pull through both loops.

working in rows 1working in rows 2

When you get to the end of your row you need to turn to come back again. After your last stitch of the row turn your work so that your stitches are now to the right. It is nice for left handers crocheting that we get to work left-right – that’s logical.

working in rows 3working in rows 4

Next you need to make a chain stitch (ch) and then starting from the first stitch in your previous row, continue with your stitches, inserting into the top row of little holes you can see in the picture above. When you inserted your hook into your chain you ended up with a single strand on your hook, but when inserting into a stitch you will have two strands. They should just be treated as one when you pull through though.

working in rows 7working in rows 5

If you are new to crochet, it might take a little while before you can really start to distinguish the parts of your stitches and where to insert your hook, but it will start to get easier. Keep going friends.

working in rows 6