Chain Stitch

If you are new to crochet and want to have a go at this new skill here is a good place to start your amazing journey of creations – learn how to chain stitch (ch)

Creating a chain will help you to get the feel for crochet and practise the basic elements – wrapping your yarn over and pulling through. I think when you’re starting you feel like it’s just hard enough holding onto everything and getting good tension so this is a good way to find your groove.

So how to chain stitch? You might have created chains at school – we used to call it finger knitting – only this time you need to use your crochet hook…

(I am left handed so this one is for you fellow left-handers! But if you’re right handed I hope you like my demonstration too)

DSC05215chain stitch 2chain stitch 3chain stitch 4

To start you need to create a slip knot (or it can be called a slip stitch, or starting slip stitch). To do this you simply make a loop [1], line your yarn across the gap [2] and push through to create another loop [3] Pull on the tail end of your yarn to tighten [4].

chain stitch 5chain stitch 6chain stitch 7chain stitch 8

Insert your crochet hook into this loop and pull your yarn (the end attached to your ball) until the loop is snug around your hook [5](but not toooo tight though).

Next you need to wrap your yarn around the hook from back to front [6] securing your yarn around the fingers of your right hand while simultaneously gripping your yarn tail with your thumb and middle finger. Using this grip pull the loop open and pull your hook through the hole [7-8] (I tend to hold my yarn so that it is wrapped over my little finger, under my ring finger, over my middle finger and gripped between my fingers, then held taught by my hooked index finger as in picture #8)

And that is one chain stitch worked!

chain stitch 9chain stitch 10DSC05227chain stitch 11

From here, don’t change your grip on your yarn with your right hand, but use your hook to wrap under the yarn (hook facing up) [9] and grab it, then turning the hook to face down [10] to bring through the loop [11-12].

Continue wrapping your yarn and pulling through, wrapping yarn and pulling through, until you have a loooovely long chain (or for as many stitches you need for your desired project…)

And well done if this was your first crochet stitch! The crochet abbreviation for chain stitch is ch so when you see that on your pattern you will know what to do.

If you are wondering what will be nice to do with your chains – take a look at the sweet chain stitch bracelets coming next, with instructions for the slip stitch (slst) to turn your chain into a loop. See you there!