2019 : I’m here

Happy New Year woolly pals. I hope you are having a snug winter time.

I love a good new year’s resolution. I could write a huge reflective journal here which is what usually happens when I get onto this subject, but this year my resolution is actually to try to keep things simple and so on that note I will be brief and clear and to the point!!

The theme of my year is ‘taking control’. 2018 was a year of ups and downs and twists and turns, and it really hit me this Christmas that I am constantly trying to catch up with myself.

So this coming year I just want to try to focus better and try to get ahead of myself. To form some better habits and be more productive. To be more mindful with my time, to work hard and rest well. And really I just want to knit. Which is why I decided to make a post here in this woollen internet space of mine. This place is going to be a big focus for me this year.

So I know it’s really easy to make resolutions in January and forget about them by February, but I recently heard a saying – ‘What’s well begun is half done’ so here’s to starting the year on a high!

I love reading other people’s resolutions so let me know what your new year goals are in the comments yeah.

And have a happy wonderful new year