Magic plait knitted hairband

hoop and button on knitted hairbandIMG_1023

Here you will find everything you need to know to make your own magic plait hairband. I love this pattern – it’s so fun and clever to make. You could also wear your hairband as a necklace or make little bracelets if you prefer – versatile! If you prefer to have a formatted printable PDF version, it is available here in my little woolapple etsy shop

Y o u w i l l n e e d :

DK weight yarn (pictured headband is in Sirdar Snuggly DK shade 455 – Butter Tubs)

3.75mm needles (if you are a particularly tight or loose knitter you may like to go up or down a size)

A b b r e v i a t i o n s :

k = knit

p = purl

slst = slip stitch

sts = stitches

c/off = cast off

c/on = cast on. I used a cable cast on method – there are lots of good videos on you-tube to show you how.

[ ] = numbers in brackets indicate how many stitches you should have on your needle

~ = see corresponding note

I n s t r u c t i o n s :

c/on 20 sts

Row 1: k all sts [20]

Row 2: 1 slst , k3, p12, k4 (slipping the first stitch on the row in projects like this helps to keep the edges a little bit neater) [20]

Row 3: 1 slst, k all sts to the end of the row [20]

Row 4: as row 2


**Row 5: 1 slst, k3, c/off 12, k4 [8 sts left on your needle]

Row 6: 1 slst, k3, c/on~ 12, k4 [20]

~(turning your work to use a cable cast on then turning back to complete the row works wonders)


Row 7: 1 slst, k to end of row [20]

Row 8: 1 slst, k3, p12, k4 [20]

Row 9 as row 7

Row 10: as row 8**

Repeat ** to ** until headband reaches the desired length~, and cast off on a row 10.

~The final step draws the band up making it a bit shorter than it looks at this stage. I needed to work 35 bars which created a finished band which measures 51cm. Each extra bar adds about 1.5 – 2ish cm in length. I really advise making up the plait and measuring to check it’s long enough before casting off your final row

M a k i n g u p ( T h e m a g i c b i t) :


Twist the first bar at the bottom of your knitted ladder to create a loop. Take the next bar up and push it through the loop. This creates another loop. Take the next bar and thread through this loop and continue in this way all the way to the top


To finish off put a couple of stitches in the final loop to secure it to use as a button hole and sew a button to the bottom so that you can put your band on and off without having to drag it over your hairstyle.

Enjoy your new hairband (or necklace or bracelet) and all the compliments.