Good Wreath

I have been getting into a festive mood this last week and turning my crochet efforts to help me decorate our little tree (‘crisps tree’ as Rose says – our task for the weekend – a happy chore)

These little crocheted Christmas wreaths are so cute, and so quick and enjoyable to make.

little crocheted christmas wreath decorations

Here’s what i did in case you want to make some too:

(notes.  abbreviation: sc = (american) single crochet. I used DK weight wool and a 3.5mm crochet hook)

In green chain 16 and join last chain to first with a slip stitch to form a ring.

row 1: 25 sc into the chain ring (enclosing the chain row inside the stitches)

row 2: sc into every stitch around (25sts)

row 3: **sc, 2 chain, sc again into the same stitch; sc into next stitch. repeat from ** 11 more times. sc into final stitch and pull through the final loop to create a long loop (to hang from tree) Break your wool here and with the loop and remaining length tie a double knot to secure.

little crocheted christmas wreath decorations work in progress

For the bow – in red, chain 40. weave in ends and tie in a small bow as evenly as you can.

Sew little bow to the bottom of your wreath. and tah dah!

Have you started decorating yet? i am excited to get going now.